Happy man with his catch  near the YankeeFork Cabin

Fishing is just one of the activities ...you can enjoy while at the YankeeFork Cabin

There is a lot to do in Idaho

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Bring your ATV and enjoy the trails and views

Granddaughter of the YankeeFork Cabin

Bob and Donna DeGrado enjoy the YankeeFork Cabin ... Their granddaughter gets to enjoy time with them as they explore the old mine near the cabin

Rafting Fun in Idaho

White Cloud Rafting Adventures of Stanley would love to give you a rafting experience

Wildlife in Idaho

Of course there is always wildlife to enjoy

Owner, Bob and granddaughter

Bob DeGrado with granddaughter

An Idaho Lake is not far from the Cabin

There are lakes to enjoy not far from the YankeeFork Cabin

A mine to explore

There is an old mine to explore ...not far from the YankeeFork Cabin

See History...the Dredge

How about a visit to the YankeeFork Dredge just up the road from the Cabin

Click the link for more info on the Dredge

If we have not given you enough ideas for activities ... here is another one

Take the kids to the old mining town of Custer for some Gold Panning. There are museums and a lot of history of the Yankee Fork. There are ghost towns and grave yards to visit not far from the YankeeFork Cabin

The YankeeFork Cabin... your home base

Your home base, it is the YankeeFork Cabin...

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